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Who Wrote It?

Dave Lowe taught English for four years in a high school for disadvantaged kids in Istanbul, and has also worked in Malaysia and Australia. He is married with two daughters. When he was younger, Dave also had a pet hamster, but he didn't talk so much.

In his spare time he likes to play the harp, juggle chainsaws, and tickle trout. Actually, none of that is true, but it’s a lot more interesting than his real answer, which is: playing football, reading, and losing to my wife and daughters at cards.

What's It About?

Ten days, ten tasks - can Holly complete her very own Dadventure? Holly's dad is an explorer, having amazing adventures all over the world, while Holly is stuck at home with her mum, her baby brother and the dog. Now Dad's on a new expedition and he'll miss her tenth birthday. She's not happy - until she finds out that he's planned a special treasure hunt, just for her. She has ten days to complete ten tasks - some silly, some tricky and some downright terrifying. Maybe life at home isn't quite so boring after all.

Fact File

Fact 1: Dave’s favourite word is “sausages”.

Fact 2: The other books in the series are called The Mumbelievable Challenge and The Spectacular Holly-Day

Fact 3: Dave lives in Brisbane, Australia.

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