The Crash

The Crash

Lisa Drakeford,

The Crash

Chicken House, 2017

ISBN 9781911077176

14-16 Shortlist 2018


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Who Wrote It?

Lisa Drakeford’s books The Baby and The Crash deal with the tough realities of growing up today.

Now a children’s tutor, Lisa Drakeford used to be a library assistant and became inspired to write by the brilliant young adult novels filling the shelves.

Lisa lives in Leicestershire with her husband and two children.

What's It About?

It begins with a car, crashing into a house where two best friends are watching TV. The rest of the book is about the relationships which develop between the people in the car and the people in the house. They all have secrets, some of them darker than others, and there’s a young next door neighbour who maybe has the darkest.

Secrets have to be revealed!

Fact File

She has saved her younger brother’s life twice (he still hasn’t thanked her!)

Her real name isn’t Lisa or Drakeford.

She once toasted a mouse by accident. (It didn’t smell nice!)

Lisa’s third book is waiting to be published.

You can follow Lisa on Twitter: @LisaDrakeford

Your Reviews

Jem from King James's School:

I didn't particularly enjoy the book from a story perspective but it was nevertheless written very well. It had an interesting narrative in that it followed the story from the point of view of several characters in different times. It had themes of both loyalty and deceit mixed in and in parts had hope and desperation working in tandem. Additionally, parts were centred around different relationships - both romantic and with family. Though I didn't enjoy it that much I can clearly see why it was shortlisted.

Jem gave The Crash 2 out of 5 and now plans to read Troublemakers by Catherine Barter.